Thursday, December 22, 2005


Just some random thoughts:

  • I realized today that I haven’t posted any MSN Messenger conversations, since I went to all the bother of uploading all of those emoticon images. Was it wasted work? Only time will tell. Is it because I haven’t had any interesting conversations on Messenger lately? Meh. What I consider an interesting conversation changes from day to day; there very well might have been some interesting conversations that I could have posted, and just didn’t bother.
  • There is a particular blog that I tend to read pretty much every day, and it takes forever to load in my browser. I don’t know what she’s done to the formatting of that thing that makes it take so long...
  • I read a conspiracy theory today as to why Chappelle’s Show might have gone off the air. I don’t think I believe it... but I read it.


Anonymous said...

Is it my blog?

I didn't do anything, I swear...