Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Device Update

A further update on my two current device choices, if I switch my mobile phone:

  • I looked more into the SMT5600, and found out that the operating system is Windows Mobile 2003. I emailed Audiovox, and asked them if there would be an upgrade, to Windows Mobile 5. They got back to me—very quickly, I might add—but unfortunately the answer they gave was that no, they won’t be providing an upgrade to WM5.
  • I happened to be in a Rogers store the other day, and I took a look at the display model for the RAZR. But it felt really cheap and flimsy. I’m hoping that that’s just because it’s a display model—I hate the fact that they make display models out of a different type of plastic; the whole reason for having one is so that people like me can see what the device feels like in your hand!—but now I’m kind of leery, until I can find a RAZR I can hold in my hands, and investigate the heft, solidity, etc.