Tuesday, December 20, 2005

The Conservative Party

I’m having a minor dispute with the Conservative Party right now. They put some signs—really big ones, actually, and two of them—up on my fence, without my permission. Now, I’m not a fan of putting up signs in general, but even if I were, it wouldn’t be for the Conservative Party! They’re the last people who would ever get my vote.

So Andrea called them yesterday, and demanded that they take the signs down. They tried to “explain the situation” to her, but she wasn’t having any of it—she was pissed. (As was I, when she called me about it after.) But they didn’t take the signs down.

So I called again this morning, and they promised again to take the signs down. They still gave me some song and dance—oh, sometimes the people who are putting up the signs get confused about the addresses, blah blah blah—but they at least promised to take them down. Again.

So, to sum up, here is what the Conservative Party has done so far:

  1. They broke the law, by putting signs up on private property, without getting permission from the owners.
  2. They broke their promise, when they told Andrea they’d take the signs down.
I would love to be able to report them for doing this, but Andrea is pretty sure there’s nobody we can report it to, except possibly our MP (who is apparently a Liberal).


Anonymous said...

Take a big black marker and write "I WON'T BE VOTING FOR" at the top of the sign.

I guarantee there'll be someone there within an hour to take the sign down.

Anonymous said...

Burn them.