Thursday, December 01, 2005

New Toy?

I was thinking about my devices over the last couple of days, and I thought that maybe I should change my approach. What I’d been hoping to do was get one device, preferably running the PocketPC (now called Windows Mobile) operating system, that would be both my phone and my PDA. The front-runner was the SMT5600, which is currently being sold by Rogers.

SMT 5600

However, I’m now thinking that maybe I should go another route; instead of getting one device, maybe I should just get a really simple phone, but one that has Bluetooth capabilities, and just keep my Axim. (For more information on the Axim, refer back to the “I’m such a nerd” post, here.) Then I can just maintain all of my contacts and stuff on there, and when I want to call someone, I can get the Axim to make my phone dial the number. I’ve never actually tried this, because I don’t have a phone with Bluetooth, so I don’t know how cumbersome that will be.

So, if I do go that route, I think I know what phone I would get. Which would be the Razr, pictured below.


Permit said...

hey, if you want a good phone/pda try the sony ericson P910i