Tuesday, May 24, 2005

The weekend is over. Let the week begin!

Well, the weekend wasn't as bad as I was worrying it would be.

My drive down Friday evening was fun. I listened to Monty Python on CD the whole way there - I haven't listened to their stuff in years.

Instead of going home Friday night and crashing at my parents' house, I went to visit the friends who are moving, in case they needed any help. They didn't (at least not from me - I didn't do anything that night), so we just stayed up late and watched celebrity blackjack and poker. Of course, this means that I had yet another in a string of late nights...

I started off the move Saturday morning by lecturing the person who was moving. I told him that I'm not as wimpy as he sometimes thinks I am, so he needs to let me help. Which he did. Then I broke a dresser, and almost dropped his TV, so I guess I should have kept my big fat mouth shut...

The drive back Saturday night wasn't so bad, either. But I was so hopped up on Tim Horton's Ice Cappuccinos that I think I still have some in my system.

Sunday morning I did an okay job playing the guitar for my friends, so that worked out. In fact, at the last minute, I finally figured out a way to play the verses properly.

And Monday we decided not to bother to clean the back yard, which means that we only had to clean the inside of the house. Which went fairly smoothly.

Then, Monday night, I finally got to see Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy. But I won't bother to post a review as part of this, because I think I'll do another post to deal with that specifically.