Monday, May 30, 2005

Photo blogging

If I was the type of person who had a "photo blog", or whatever they're called, here are some things I would post pictures of:

My hair. I got a hair cut this week, and it's really short, now. If I had a photo blog, I'd post before and after shots, so you could see the dramatic difference. In fact, if I had a photo blog, I'd probably carry my digital camera around with me everywhere I went, and I would have posted pictures of the mounds of hair that were left on the floor, as the woman finished cutting my hair.

My guitars. I have a number of guitars, and I think they are beautiful instruments. People who don't play guitar might think that "beautiful" is too strong of a word, but what do they know? Fools. Anyway, I have the following: An old black Ibanez Road Star, with a neck so slender a child could play bar chords on it (the model I have looks very different than the guitars they make these days at Ibanez - smoother curves); a Gibson Les Paul Standard, with a "Tobacco Burst" finish; a red Epiphone double neck; and a Simon & Patrick acoustic, the model of which escapes me at the moment.

My townhouse. Since we just moved into a new townhouse, I'm sure there would be ample opportunity for photo blogging at home.

The choir. I'm in a choir at church, and the people there would also provide ample photo blogging opportunities, I'm sure. We're a crazy bunch, we are.


Anonymous said...

hehehe yeah, the pictures on our website prove that.

BTW...I like your hair, kaitlyn and I walked past you and were like
Kaitlyn: he has really good hair!
Kat: He got a hair cut, it looks so good
Kaitlyn: heh..nice.
Kat: If Andrea didn't marry him, I would probably take him
Kait: *stares at me*
Kat: what?

Anonymous said...

It's true, that actually Happened. But tell me, if Andrea didnt marry you, would you be interested in Kathryn? eh, eeeh? lol
We choir people are a crazy bunch thats for sure. Remember the time when we sang and you played the guitar and then we messed up and we laughed? *hahahahaha* and then we got it right and that was not funny and we were sad...

David Hunter said...

I thought long and hard about how to answer that question. And then it came to me:

I won't answer it. :-P