Friday, May 20, 2005

Quick update - no content

So after a long and mostly horrible week, I have another long and possibly horrible weekend ahead of me.

Tonight, after I bring my wife home from work, I have to make the three hour drive back home. I'll get in late, and crash at my parents' house, too late to see them, because they'll be in bed.

Then when I wake up tomorrow, I'm going to help some friends move (the reason for the drive home). I'm kind of a wuss, so I don't imagine that will be too fun...

Then, once I've helped them move, I have to make the three hour drive back, because I have to be in Toronto for Sunday morning. (I double booked myself this weekend. I'm... well, I'm just not too bright.)

Sunday morning I'm playing guitar for some friends of mine, who are singing in the church service. Then the usual choir practice in the afternoon.

Monday is a day off - but my house is in desperate need of cleaning, so I'm sure that's how my day will be spent.

So, overall, it's not really the individual activities that will make this weekend horrible. It's just the fact that there are too many of them.