Thursday, May 05, 2005

Blog it like it's hot

Right now would be the perfect time for me to post something to my blog, because I have a couple of free minutes - not enough time to do anything serious, but enough time to write something quick.

Unfortunately, I currently have nothing to say. (Of import or otherwise...)

Some random thoughts that occur to me:

  • My wife and I finished the first version of the Jehovah Shalom website last night.
  • As I was in bed last night, waiting for sleep to come, I thought of something to write about in my blog. But it wasn't important enough to get out of bed for, and it wasn't important enough for me to remember today, so it's lost to the ages. Sorry.
  • Our lawn is going to need cutting soon; probably this weekend. We've never had to cut our grass before.

That's it, gentle reader. Maybe next time I'll have something important to say. (Place your bets...)


Anonymous said...

Its been 3 days since u last blogged! chop chop starting to get bored *heehee*