Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Roll up the Rim

Well, this year is definitely not as good as last year, in terms of my Roll up the Rim winnings. I’ve won 2 out of 17 times, so far, which puts me at just 17%. (Both of the winning cups yielded free coffees.)

I was talking to Jer the other day, who doesn’t drink coffee very much, but just happened to stop in at Tim’s this week, and won a coffee. That puts his winning rate at 100%—so he told me he doesn’t want to cash in the free coffee, because if he didn’t win on that cup, it would immediately reduce his rate to 50%.

(Incidentally, Jer and I talked about a bunch of other stuff, too, but I only remember the Tim Horton-related parts of the conversation. Oh, and the baby-related stuff; I remember that. But only because he sent me a cute picture, to remind me…)


Anonymous said...

We talked about work(s), my schooling, finances, friends, tv (ROBOT CHICKEN REMINDER!!), babies (okay just mine) and then you hung up on me......*sniffle*