Friday, March 09, 2007

Been a long time since I blogged and rolled…

Hmm. I’m not happy with that title, but it just popped into my head, and now it’s stuck there.

Remember the days when I used to blog on a regular basis, sometimes six or seven times within a day? Those days seem to be gone. But I haven’t lost my enthusiasm for blogging; it’s just that I’m starting to spread myself more thinly.

For example, currently, here are some of the things I have on the go:

  • I still have this blog, which I do post to occasionally
  • I have the serna Bible Blog, which I am often good about posting to regularly, although I usually do it during the day, so if I have a busy day at work, I don’t get time
  • I haven’t mentioned it much, here, I’ve started a wiki, about Ubuntu. It’s aimed at people who are currently Windows users, looking to make the switch, and I try to explain some things in a more friendly, less Linux-nerd style. (There isn’t a lot of information on the site, yet; the idea is that new Ubuntu users might start to come here first, and then, if it doesn’t have what they need, they could go on to try the forums, and wade through all of the Linux nerd jargon.) It’ll build slowly, especially since it’s not publicly available—I’m the only one who has permissions to edit things—but I’m fine with that.
  • I’m working on a presentation, on the basics of working with Excel. It’s mostly for Andrea, to use at work, since she says a lot of her colleagues really don’t know how to use it. (I had previously done one for her, on Outlook.) Frankly, I’m not an Excel guru either, but I have been using it for the last ten years or so, so I’m sure there will be some information that new users will find handy.
There is also the Eclipse plugin, that is sort of on hold, for the moment, because I have so many other things going on.