Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Letters to the Editor

Dear Concerned Reader:

Thank you for your interest in our post dated March 14th, titled Roll up the Rim. As you point out, 2 divided by 17 is not 17%, it is 11.7%, or, rounded to the nearest whole number, as our spreadsheet does it, 12%. We apologize for our editorial laxness, and will attempt to reduce such typographical errors in future blog posts.

Clearly, since you have taken the time to write in and correct us, the post in question must have been relevant and pertinent to your life, and therefore it must have been quite an inconvenience to see our typo. We on the editorial board at can only hope that this apology will make up for any hardship you may have suffered.

In an effort to make up for our mistake, we are presenting here a picture of the spreadsheet in question, showing the current state of serna’s Roll up the Rim winnings. As illustrated, as of this posting, he has won 4 out of 28 coffees, or 62%.