Friday, March 09, 2007

Cell Phone Annoyance

There’s someone who sits in my general vicinity, at work, who has a habit of leaving his cell phone on his desk, when he goes to meetings, with his ringer volume turned up very loud. So at various points throughout the day, I get irritated by hearing his loud, annoying, phone going off. People should really learn cell phone etiquette!

I’m sorry, what? You called me a hypocrite? How dare you! I… what? Well, yes, now that you mention it, my ringtone is Soul Bossa Nova, otherwise known as the Austin Powers theme music. But surely people wouldn’t find that annoy— what? Different people have different tastes in music? Well, yes, you’re right.

Okay, I withdraw my complaint about the coworker’s annoying ringtones. But the fact that he leaves his phone unattended, and it goes off all day, still st— sorry, what?

Well, yes, it’s true. I do sometimes leave my phone on my desk, when I pop downstairs to grab a coffee, or use the bathroom. And there are times that it might go off, when I do that.

Okay. I withdraw all of my objections. Sorry to bother you.