Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Nothing. Just nothing.

I should probably learn to keep my blog posts shorter, eh? Maybe then people would be more inclined to read them. Also, I should have more pictures. People love pictures; when they come to and find nothing but text, I’m sure they get bored and leave before they even figure out how brilliant and witty I am.

Anyway, I found two new blogs recently, that I found interesting. One is maintained by a dragon, which is nice—dragons don’t get enough representation on the internet, in my humble opinion. The other is maintained by a sex worker. (I don’t read it because she’s a sex worker; I just find it interesting.) Sex workers, of course, get lots of representation on the internet—or, at least, certain parts of their bodies do. But her blog isn’t a “sex blog”, or anything; it’s just about her life.

Honestly, I don’t know how I end up finding these blogs. (Actually, I do: I found the sex worker’s site from a link on Raymi’s blog, and I found the dragon’s blog from a link on the sex worker’s.) I’ll probably get bored of them soon, and stop reading.