Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Less-than-interesting facts about serna's life

I may not have time to post again for a while, so I’ll have to throw up a big jumble of facts about my life, and leave it at that.

First less-than-interesting fact about my current life: The townhouse that I moved into has a sump pump. It had problems, in that the mechanism which is supposed to turn it on wasn’t working. Which means that it wouldn’t turn itself on, when the water got too high, nor turn itself off, when the water emptied out. We were afraid that we’d have to replace it, but it turned out I was able to buy a sump pump repair kit from Home Depot, so everyone’s happy. That is, assuming that it will work; I wasn’t able to test it. I poured bucket after bucket of water into the hole where the pump sits, hoping to get the water high enough for it to turn itself on, but the water kept levelling off before it could get high enough. I was able to turn it on manually, though, and verify that it turns itself off when the water gets down to the proper point.

Second less-than-interesting fact about my current life: I ripped my coat last night. And when I say “ripped”, I mean almost completely in half. It was the overcoat I wear to work—a really nice coat, which was also very warm, and which Andrea never liked because it was too expensive. (But I bought it a few years before we got married.) I was getting out of the car last night, and just as I was slamming the door shut, and walking away from the car, the wind caught my coat, and blew it into the door. So I slammed the door on my coat, but my forward momentum already had me walking away, and I ripped it bad. It’s now garbage; even if I get it repaired, it will be blatantly obvious that there is a big sewing mark on it.

Third less-than-interesting fact about my current life: I’m extremely tired today, and I don’t know why. I have absolutely no reason to be tired; I got a good sleep last night, and I didn’t do anything too exciting or strenuous yesterday.

Fourth less-than-interesting fact about my current life: For some reason, like a schmo, I’ve been manually typing “X less-than-interesting fact about my current life:” at the beginning of each paragraph, instead of copying and pasting. That ends now.

Fifth less-than-interesting fact about my current life: I have had a very sore neck for the last couple of days. I don’t know why; probably because I slept badly. (I don’t know if that’s true, but I know that any time I mention I have a sore neck/back/whatever, that’s what everyone tells me, so I thought I’d save them the hassle of doing so this time.)

Sixth less-than-interesting fact about my current life: I couldn’t stop myself from drinking Tim’s, even though I had previously contemplated it, but I’ve also won a couple more times. I used to be at 50%, I’m now currently at 5 out of 13, which is about 39%. So far I’ve won a coffee, another coffee, a doughnut, another doughnut, and today another coffee.

Seventh less-than-interesting fact about my current life: I started working on a blog post yesterday that I may never finish, because of too many conflicting thoughts. It occurred to me that I read a lot of blogs maintained by people who are actively anti-religion, or anti-Christian. And I thought to myself, “I should create a blog post for them, so that if they come to my blog, they won’t be afraid to stay.” I was going to put a link to it over on the right-hand side of the page and everything, right near the top. But it’s turning into another one of my monster posts—and, as I said, there are a couple of conflicting ways I was trying to write it, which meant that it doesn’t actually say anything so far—so I’ll probably never finish it. So one of these days, I’ll read a post on someone’s blog, and I’ll leave a comment on it, and they’ll follow the link to come back to my blog, and they’ll see that I’m a Christian, and assume that I’m only reading their blog because I want to tell them that they’re going to hell.

Eighth and final less-than-interesting fact about my current life: After I started copying and pasting the “X less-than-interesting fact about my current life:” part, I was very tempted to keep saying Fourth every time, instead of incrementing the number, but I didn’t think anyone else would get the joke—or find it funny, if they did—so I didn’t bother.