Saturday, June 28, 2008

Movie Review: Balls of Fury

So far this weekend, I’d seen the new Indiana Jones movie, and Wanted. And then I got up Saturday morning, and wanted to kill some time doing something mindless, so I popped on TMN, and watched Balls of Fury.

Now, there is a big difference between Wanted and Balls of Fury. Sure, both are terrible, silly, bad movies. But Wanted is a terrible, silly, bad movie that people liked (according to its average rating on Google Movies). It’s bad, but bad in a way that you can watch it and really enjoy yourself. Balls of Fury, on the other hand, is just a terrible movie.

However, I have to admit—and I am ashamed of myself for this, believe me—that I was laughing all the way through Balls of Fury (which I will abbreviate to BoF for the remainder of this post). Why? Well, to start, it’s got Christopher Walken; that right there is enough to make any movie worth watching. Every time he spoke, I was rolling on the floor. It also had Maggie Q, and she was great too; I’ve only seen her in two movies so far (this and Live Free or Die Hard), but I loved her in both.

But it wasn’t just the actors/acting that had me laughing in BoF. It was the writing. There was something about it that just struck a chord with my particular sense of humour. I mean, sure, a lot of the jokes were pretty silly, but I don’t mind silly humour.

So I don’t recommend BoF. And I’m not planning to get it on DVD. And I’ll never, ever watch it with Andrea. But on this particular day, it made me laugh.