Saturday, June 28, 2008

Movie Review: Wanted

I mentioned that Andrea’s out of town, and I had decided to take advantage of the situation by going to the movies, since she doesn’t really like going. But then I thought to myself: Why didn’t I take advantage of the situation fully? I mean, I went to the movies, sure, but I saw a movie that she’d probably like. I should have seen one that she’d never want to see.

So I did. I went back to the theatre, and saw Wanted, a movie that I knew she’d never want to see. Not that I would blame her; it’s pretty ridiculous. But I saw James McAvoy on The Daily Show this week, and Jon Stewart had said that the movie seems ridiculous, from the trailers, but that when he actually saw it, it was great, what with the action and all. So I figured what the heck, I’d give it a shot.

And I have to admit, it wasn’t bad. If—and that’s a big if—if you’re able to lose yourself into it, you’ll find yourself laughing at the action, chuckling at the poor choices in music, rolling your eyes at the plot, and just generally enjoying the movie altogether. Not that I’m recommending the movie, mind you; I’m just saying that I enjoyed it. It’s the type of movie that I’d see in the theatre, enjoy, decide to buy the DVD, wait for the DVD to come out, buy the DVD, realize on second viewing that I don’t enjoy it as much as I thought I did, and let it sit on the shelf for years, gathering dust. (And then, years later, Andrea, out of boredom with the movies we’ve seen, would decide that she wants to see it, even though I’d try and convince her that she’d hate it, but we’d watch it anyway, and she’d make fun of me for years about my poor taste in movies. Justifiably.)

On a side note, I’ve never really found Angelina Jolie all that attractive, but I thought she looked quite beautiful in this movie.


Anonymous said...

I don't find Jolie attractive either. We must have something in common Dave.

David Hunter said...

I’m pretty darned sure that the comment above is spam, and I should delete it (like I usually do), but for some reason I’m leaving it this time.