Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Back from vacation

As the title of this post mentions, I’m back from my vacation. It wasn’t too exciting, but it was a rest from work, which was sorely needed. Here are some highlights—actually, not even “some” highlights, this is pretty much everything that happened:

I started off with a quick trip back home, to go out to lunch with my mom (to celebrate her birthday), and then to go to my god-daughter’s 2nd birthday party. Unfortunately, Andrea wasn’t able to make it with me, because she got roped into doing a bit of work, at the beginning of her vacation.

Later on we went to Niagra Falls for a night, but our timing was bad, so we left Toronto during rush hour traffic, and came back to Toronto in rush hour traffic, too. (Luckily, we were against the traffic for our return trip, so it wasn’t as bad.) We went to see the band A is A, who were playing at Fallsview Casino, but also to spend a night in Niagra Falls. Unfortunately, we forgot to bring the camera, so I wasn’t able to get any real good pictures of the falls. Just these two from my cell phone (which are almost identical, and were taken from a window in my hotel):



However, I also managed to get this picture, which blows the lid off the whole waterfall racket:


See? The waterfall is a scam! If you go to Niagra Falls, don’t bother wasting your film taking pictures. It’s all just special effects or something.

Our next trip was to the States, to visit Andrea’s relatives. This involved more driving—ten hours’ worth, including a bunch of driving during Toronto’s rush hour—but I don’t really mind driving, and it was beautiful scenery, so that wasn’t bad. And of course Andrea’s relatives are great cooks, so that makes for a great trip, too. Unfortunately, we forgot to bring the camera again, so I have no pictures.

After this, Andrea went to Montreal for the Jazz Festival, and I stayed home in Toronto. Unfortunately, I don’t sleep very well anymore, when Andrea’s not with me, so I didn’t catch up on my sleep, as I’d been hoping to.

Finally, when she got back from Montreal, we took another trip, to go back to my parents’ place again.

And that’s it. It wasn’t really a restful vacation, per se, but I enjoyed all of the individual things we did.


Anonymous said...

Serna, I'd like to be the first to welcome you to the future!!! We very rarely use film cameras anymore so the only thing people have to worry about wasting when taking pictures of the falls is KB or MB, depending on your camera's MP settings. I know you'll enjoy it here in the future. It has a lot of stuff you'll like.

Anonymous said...

Their settings. Depending on their settings. Grammar is important.