Wednesday, August 08, 2007


It’s definitely time for me to go on vacation—I accidentally snapped at my clients today.

  • serna Snaps
  • INT: the office. serna gets ready to join a conference call.
  • Client #1
  • (over IM)
  • Are you coming to the conference call? It started one minute ago!
  • serna
  • (joining the conference call)
  • Really? After one minute, you’re paging me to join the call? After the number of conference calls where you’ve all kept me waiting 5 or 10 minutes for you to join?
  • Client #1
  • (chagrined)
  • Sorry serna…
  • Client #2, #3, etc.
  • Sorry serna… Sorry serna…
I know, I know, when I say that I “snapped”, you were probably expecting something a bit more dramatic than that. But they are my clients, after all—what did you expect? Swearing and cursing?


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No you shouldn't say fuck, no you shouldn't say fuck, fuck no!