Monday, August 13, 2007


Andrea and I have been taking a few weekend trips, lately (such as our trips to Elora/Guelph/St. Jacobs, and Prince Edward County), and we had wanted to do something this past weekend, but we just couldn’t decide where to go. It was too last-minute, unfortunately; we didn’t give ourselves time to plan it. So we finally settled on a trip to Stratford, and maybe taking in a play.

Our first thought was to stay overnight, Saturday night, and come back on Sunday, but then our car buying odyssey started, and we decided to just go on Sunday, instead. (We would have booked a room Saturday afternoon, but by the time we got back the afternoon was mostly gone, so we decided to skip it.)

The main thing we wanted to do was to catch a play. But we had two important criteria for picking one to see:

  1. It had to be playing at a time when we could see it, based on our limited schedule
  2. It had to be eligible for discounts. (Since Andrea’s under a certain age, she can get tickets for $20, and since I’m in a slightly higher age bracket, I can get tickets for 50% off.)
With this in mind, we settled on My One and Only, which is a Gershwin musical. (Sort of; all of the songs are Gershwin songs, from previous Gershwin musicals, but then some time in the 80’s—if I’m remembering correctly—they wrote a new script, with the old tunes, calling it My One and Only.) A Gershwin musical is not really my thing, but hey, I was able to enjoy it for what it is.

I would write more about what we did in Stratford, and the sites we saw, but really, there’s not much to write. We drove around—a lot, since we were way early for our play—and saw the area. We had lunch, and may have gotten mild food poisoning. We had a very good dinner—or rather, I had a very good dinner and Andrea had herbal tea, because of the aforementioned food poisoning. (I wasn’t feeling 100% either, but I was still able to eat.) And we caught our play. It started at 8:00, which meant that we didn’t get back to Toronto until after midnight.

Unfortunately, I forgot to bring the camera, so I don’t have any pictures to post. Then again, it was raining for half the trip anyway, so there was only a window from about 4:00–8:00 where we could have taken pictures—and by that point, we had already finished all of our driving around and seeing the sites. So even if I had remembered the camera, I don’t think I’d have any pictures to show.

But I have to say, with the amount of aimless driving around we did, I really wish we’d had our new hybrid…