Saturday, August 25, 2007

Video on Blogger

uploadmoviesThey’ve introduced another Blogger feature that I probably won’t use, but find cool: Blogger now provides the ability to upload movies/video, that you can then show on your blog.

The reason that I don’t see myself using this feature is that I’d be more likely to upload movies to YouTube, instead. But it’s very cool that Blogger now has the option. In fact, if they’d had this option when I started the blog, I probably wouldn’t have created a YouTube account—I only created my account on YouTube to share the cartoon. (Yes, that’s right. In my own mind, the cartoon is so popular that I just have to call it “the cartoon”, and I think that everyone will know what I’m talking about.) But now that I have the YouTube account, I imagine I will continue to use it, if I have further movies/videos to upload.