Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Facebook Links

I had previously mentioned the myriad friends I have who keep inviting me to join Facebook. (I hadn’t yet made up my mind, when I wrote that post, but I since have: I’m not joining Facebook. Find something better to do than asking me to.)

But, since I keep coming across Facebook everywhere I turn, I thought I’d do a search for “facebook” on Google, and post some of the more interesting links I found.

First off, if you don’t know anything about Facebook, you might be interested in a biographical page about the site. Then, if you’re still in a reading mood, there was an article in the Toronto Star, which says that there are more members of Facebook from Toronto than from any other city in the world. (The byline claims that it’s “not just because we’re geeks”, but that still remains to be seen.)

And if you’re still in a reading mood, I found a good article by someone named danah boyd, on privacy, and the fact that privacy is not Boolean, on or off; there are degrees of privacy.

Hey, while we’re on the subject of privacy, you might want to check this out—in fact, I’d suggest that you do! It’s a video—be warned that it starts playing immediately, when it loads; there’s no “play” button or anything—and it talks about who Facebook gets their funding from. I haven’t done any double-checking on their facts; if you’re interested, and/or worried, it shouldn’t be too hard to verify it.

Finally, if you’re feeling silly, there are a bajillion videos on YouTube having to do with Facebook, but I just picked three. To start with, an infomercial parody, which I liked. Then I found two songs—both of which are what I think of, when I picture a Facebook user. Heh. There is the aptly named Facebook Song, and the equally aptly named Facebook.com Song.