Monday, July 23, 2007


If you go to this blog post, by Christine Estima, you’ll see a great “Toronto story”. Maybe not the best Toronto story—who am I to judge?—but I enjoyed reading it.

(Actually, there is more than one story in that post, along with some fond remembrances Christine has of some of her friends back home in T.O. I feel guilty linking to a post that’s somewhat personal, but I feel that it’s worth it, to share the first story with you, my gentle reader. Maybe, to be polite, you should just read the first story, and then stop reading?)

I love living in Toronto, and therefore I love reading stories like this.


Christine Estima said...



David Hunter said...

Typical Canadian answer: “No, thank you!”

It was your [friend’s] story. You did all the work, I just linked to it. ;)