Friday, October 13, 2006

Word for Your Mother—Or Not

I had an idea this morning: Since there are already a million books out there on Microsoft Word, maybe I should shelve the book I had been writing on Word—Word For Your Mother—and, instead, write a book on the Writer program. (Of course, I haven’t even looked at the book in months, so it’s practically shelved already.)

One advantage is that much of what I’d written would probably be usable in the new book. The concepts are the same, it’s just the way you perform particular tasks that would be different. So maybe I’d just scrap all of the screenshots, and start from what I already have.

There can’t be that many books out there on products, and my guess—based on the various Linux-based sites I’ve been looking at—is that even if there are some, they’re probably not that accessible for beginners.

Of course, I’d need a title. Writer For Your Mother doesn’t really have the right pop…


Anonymous said...

Writer Wrong?
Do it Writer Not at All?
Left Writer Center?

David Hunter said...

All excellent suggestions!