Friday, October 13, 2006

Quick Update

Not much to say, but I haven’t been posting much, so I guess anything’s better than nothing. Get ready for a post that wanders from topic to topic, with no discernable pattern.

A friend of mine, who shall remain nameless, has been questioning whether I’m actually gaining anything by using Ubuntu, rather than sticking with Windows (if I may paraphrase). But I’ll show him! I’LL SHOW THEM ALL! Muah ha haha! AAAHH HAHA*cough*splutter*drool*

I realized, after I’d left the house today, that I’d dressed rather monochromatically. I’ve got on tan pants, which are light enough to be considered white, and a grey shirt, which is also very, very light. If only I had realized sooner! I could have done something about it! But now it’s too late.

I took yesterday off sick. I hadn’t been feeling that well Wednesday night, and figured that taking a day off to rest would be a good idea. Especially since I’m not particularly busy right now; it was good timing. But I’m feeling better today.

Note: I wrote this in HTML-Kit running in Wine on Ubuntu, and I haven’t yet installed the spell checking feature. So I apologize in advance for any typos. Or… after the fact, if there were typos in the paragraphs above.
On Wednesday, I started putting together a demo of how I use HTML-Kit to put blog entries together. Like everything else I do on this blog, it’s probably a lot more interesting to me than it will be to anyone else.