Thursday, October 26, 2006

Deployment was successful. You can relax now.

I put up my last post in the middle of a deployment, promised that I would post the results, and then never did. Are you all in suspense? No? Well, I’ll write about it anyway.

The deployment was successful. The actual “work” of the deployment was done ahead of schedule—which is normally the case, because we have a little bit of breathing room built into our time estimates—but the testing went a bit longer than usual, so all in all, we were about 5 minutes later than scheduled. Actually, one guy fell asleep during the call, and we lost a few minutes waiting for him to wake up to perform his part of the deployment, so if that hadn’t happened, we probably wouldn’t have been behind schedule at all.

Wednesday was sort of a wash, for me; even though we pretty much finished on schedule, I still didn’t get home until 4:00AM Wednesday morning. So I slept in until 10:00, and worked from home. And I did actually work, I didn’t just laze around all day, but I didn’t really work hard. I also watched Fargo, which I’d never seen before; it was pretty good. (Since I was working from the couch, with my laptop on my lap—where a laptop should be, I guess—it was easy to watch and work at the same time.)

And, uh, yeah. That’s about it, really. I’d had plans to do other things with my time, on Wednesday, like maybe install Ubuntu on my desktop computer, or even walk down the street and get the mail, but none of those plans came to fruition. Working from home is often a chance to get things like that done, because you’re not working every second of the day. (And I can keep my laptop beside me at the desk, and work on that while Ubuntu is installing beside me.) But when you’re sort of out of it, from too many late nights in a row, and are just wandering around the house in your bathrobe the whole day, it’s not conducive to getting a lot of things done.