Friday, June 23, 2006

Welcome to Friday. Hope you enjoy your weekend. See you again on Monday.

I have absolutely nothing to say. (That’s a general comment, as well as a specific one for this particular moment.)

I won’t mention names, but I just read a blog entry from someone who is apparently having a meltdown. Remember, people, blogging can be dangerous. Use extreme caution. Especially if you allow comments, which I’m starting to think is a bad idea.

The serna Bible Blog is doing okay. I’ve done two posts, now, with the icon used to indicate links to Bible Gateway, but I still haven’t decided if I actually like the idea. Maybe by the time I get to the book of Psalms I’ll have it all worked out in my head. Maybe not.

I won’t mention names, but I saw a friend online on MSN Messenger, and wanted to say hi, but then hesitated, because I figured maybe she was just getting ready for work or something. And maybe I was right, because when I went back later, she was “Away”.

Note: a brief pause was taken in the writing of this entry, while serna got himself a coffee. Followed by a moment of reflection, as he tried to decide if there was anything else he actually wanted to say.

I won’t mention names, but after talking with one of the anonymous bloggers the other day, I gave some additional consideration to putting some kind of hit counter on this site, but again decided against it because I still don’t care.

I should probably give up on this post, click Submit, and just move on to a post on the serna Bible Blog.