Thursday, June 01, 2006

Random Thoughts on a Thursday Morning

The “random thoughts” part of the title is highly accurate, as I don’t have anything to say. The “on a Thursday morning” part is just pretentious “look at me, I’m a writer” kind of writing, and I’m ashamed I included it. Sorry.

I worked from home on Wednesday, because I wasn’t feeling well, and I’m doing the same today because I’m still not feeling well. It’s nothing serious, just a bit of a runny nose, and a bit of a headache. I’d had a sore throat, but it’s feeling pretty good right now.

On the way back to the house this morning, after dropping off Andrea for work, I stopped to pick up some frozen orange juice. I got Old South Premium, because it’s the best kind I know. (The only better OJ is freshly squeezed.) Just for fun, as I was typing this, I looked up the Wikipedia article on it, which had a link to the Old South website. Which is when I realized that the company calling itself “Old South” is actually a Canadian company. I guess when they say “South”, they mean Windsor or something.

I also learned that:


An orange is technically a hesperidium, a kind of berry. It consists of several easily separated carpels, or sections, each containing several seeds and many juice cells. Orange trees are evergreens, seldom exceeding 30 feet in height.

You learn something new every day.

On a separate topic—and keeping in line with the “random thoughts” nature of this entry—I currently have two bottles of Coke in the fridge. I like Coke; it’s my favourite cola. But I don’t normally have any in the house, unless something special is happening. But we bought some a couple of weeks ago, when Andrea’s relatives were coming over for dinner, and it turns out that they don’t drink Coke, so I still had most of the bottle left. And then James came over for the week, and he bought a bottle, as well. (Probably as much a gift for me, to thank me for letting him stay, as it was for himself.) But that bottle hasn’t even been cracked open, so there’s lots of Coke in the fridge.

On that note, this is a message specifically for James: You’ll be happy to know that I cut the grass on Sunday. The yard looks nice.

I’ve realized, being home the last couple of days, that I need to clean out the MP3s I have on my computer. There are a lot of mediocre-to-crap songs on there, that I should get rid of. (There are also a lot of songs on there that I love, that Andrea thinks are mediocre-to-crap, but that’s another story.)

While I was at the grocery store, getting my Old South Premium, I also got some concentrated Nestea. I drink a lot of Nestea, but they don’t sell it in 2L bottles, as they do most soft drinks; so I’m stuck buying cases of the cans. Which is a lot of waste. So I’m hoping that the concentrate will taste as good as the regular stuff, so I can stop buying the cans, and creating so much waste.

Of course, I won’t bother trying to make it until I get better. That’s what the Old South Premium is for.

I have Youth Group this Friday, and I’m not sure what we’ll do. I’m thinking glow-in-the-dark mini-golf, but we’ll see. At Youth Group last Friday, we went swimming, which people enjoyed more than I thought they would. While we were there, one of the girls bought a bag of Dill Pickle chips, and I had one. Since then, I’ve had a craving for them. I wish I weren’t sick, so I could go get a big bag and go to town. Soon, my precious chips, soon…


Anonymous said...

I laughed so loud upon seeing that picture I made the dog bark.