Thursday, June 22, 2006


I know of two separate people who have started blogs on Blogger, lately. I can’t mention one, because s/he specifically wants the blog to be anonymous, and then I was talking to someone else today, who casually mentioned that s/he had started one, but didn’t happen to give me the URL—leading me to think that it might be anonymous too.

Regardless of whether that’s the case, I wonder how many others are out there starting anonymous blogs? Most blogs—including mine—are pretty useless, but I have to admit, an anonymous blog gives you a good opportunity to say things you might not otherwise say.

In any event, if anyone needs any help customizing their Blogger template, I can probably help. I don’t have any visual skills, so you’ll need to help me to understand how you want it to look, but I do have HTML and CSS skills, and understand how Blogger templates work.