Friday, June 23, 2006

I need a haircut!

I just realized that I forgot to write something, when I wrote about the week before the concert. I realize how strange that must sound; I wrote all that, and still missed something?!? But it’s true.

What I forgot to write is this: Because I was out/busy every night before the concert, I didn’t get a chance to get my hair cut, even though it was in desperate need of it. I had been vowing to myself that I would get it cut, before the concert—expecially since my mother was planning to be there, and she’s always good-naturedly ribbing me about not having my hair cut. (Which is valid, since it’s almost always in need of a cut when I see her.) But I was busy, so I wasn’t able to get it cut, so I showed up to the concert with what looked like a brown mop on my head.

But the concert came and went, and I still haven’t had a chance to get my hair cut. If I don’t get it cut soon, people are going to think I’m trying to get on Saturday Night Live or something.

(Is that an obscure joke, that nobody will get but me? Quite possibly…)