Friday, January 06, 2006

Attractive Bloggers?

Every once in a while I offer additional proofs to myself that I am a sexist pig. Here’s the latest:

I sometimes come across links to other blogs. (Often on Raymi’s blog, or Philogynist’s.) And sometimes those links have pictures, of the blogger or of the contents of the particular blog posting being linked to. And I’ve noticed that I’m much more likely to follow the link if the person in the picture is attractive than if they’re not. And even if I don’t click the link (because I firmly believe that most blogs are boring and useless—mine is a case in point), I’m still tempted to do so.

Now, I fully realize that this is stupid. The attractiveness of the person writing the blog has nothing to do with how interesting their words will be—if anything, there is an inverse relationship. (I know a lot of attractive but boring people...) But that doesn’t stop my impulses.

So... yeah. That’s it.