Friday, April 18, 2008

Excuse the grumbling. (Or just skip this post.)

Yeah, yeah, I know. (Insert standard boilerplate text here, about the fact that I haven’t written anything in a while.) It’s been a lousy couple of weeks. Or has it been a lousy month? At any rate, it’s been lousy. I’ve been drinking too much coffee, eating too little food, getting too little sleep, putting up with too much garbage at work, and just generally getting very run-down. (And it’ll probably get worse before it gets better.)

I just started blogging at the serna Bible Blog again, after an absence, and hopefully I’ll keep that up. I haven’t written anything on the Book Blog in a while, because I haven’t finished reading a book in a while. (I’m currently reading two—one fiction and one non-fiction—and they’re both pretty terrible, which might be why it’s taking me so long to finish them.)

Some updates, about things I have written lately:

  • As it turns out, I have to bring back my new shirt, so, even though I didn’t like it, it all worked out in the end. When I got home from work and took it off, one of the buttons popped off. Now, I’m not the type of person who would return a shirt just because it lost a button, but when it comes off the very first time you wear it, it doesn’t bode well for the quality of the construction.
  • I’ve started using the Stuff White People Like site to calculate how white I am. It’s the most un-scientific use of number and statistics that I’ve ever undertaken, so I’m pretty proud of myself. (Also, it’s giving me a chance to use Google Docs some more.)