Monday, April 21, 2008

Anniversary—Part 2

As mentioned our anniversary—or rather, one of our anniversaries—was on Saturday. So how did we spend this momentous occasion? Well… not very gloriously.

  1. We slept in, a little bit, and then spent some time reading.
  2. We went out and distributed Bibles with our church in the early afternoon.
  3. We borrowed Andrea’s dad’s van, and brought some of Jehovah Shalom’s musical equipment to another church, since we’d be playing there on Sunday.
  4. We stopped at Home Depot to buy yard waste bags, and I got very distracted by the BBQs. I really want to get one, but will probably wait until the end of the season, so that I can get one more cheaply.
  5. We went home and spent a couple of hours filling up all of those yard waste bags, as well as a number of garbage bags, cleaning up all of the crap that tends to accumulate in our yard. (We live at the end of the street, and the wind tends to blow everyone else’s garbage into our yard.) We also removed a number of plants, because every time we clean the yard, we remove more and more. This would be the worst—and least anniversary-like—thing that we did to “celebrate” our anniversary.
  6. We decided that we would go out for dinner, even though we were tired from doing yard work. I asked Andrea if she wanted to go somewhere fancy or “regular”, and she said fancy. Which, I now realize, was a test, because Andrea never wants to go anywhere that’s expensive, so she didn’t really mean fancy. But luckily for me, I’m not a complete idiot, so I skipped the really expensive places. (I did some research on and Toronto Life, and they both gave an approximate price range, so I skipped over the restaurants that indicated that you’d be spending $150–200 for two people.)
  7. We went to a place that I won’t name—because we didn’t like it—and had a terrible dinner. Mine was worse than hers; she got a club sandwich, which you can’t really screw up, but I got a greasy, over-cooked steak.
And that was that. Now that the weather is nice, maybe we’ll go out for dinner again sometime soon, and have a better time.