Monday, November 26, 2007

My Finger

I hurt my finger on Friday. (My “swear” finger, if you’re interested.) I don’t think I sprained it, but it hurts nonetheless. It didn’t actually hurt on Friday, but when I woke up Saturday it was killing me. And ever since, I can feel it hurting whenever my hand touches or does anything. (It’s not killing me anymore, but it’s still hurting.)

This was bad news, because I was supposed to go bowling Saturday afternoon, to help raise money for METRAC. All morning long, every time I did anything with my hand, I could feel it, and I was thinking to myself “Oh dear. How am I ever going to bowl?!?”

As it turns out, my fears were ungrounded. Not only did I bowl well, I bowled the best game I’ve ever played! (I got 153, if you’re curious. That might not be too impressive for you, but for me, it was incredible.)