Monday, November 26, 2007


I don’t use the word “gross” very often, in real life. And yet, I’ve used it in four blog posts, to date, with this being my fifth. Anyway, onto the grodiness

I was playing bass, Sunday morning, with Jehovah Shalom. I don’t normally play bass, I play guitar, and bass strings are a lot heavier than guitar strings, so if you’re not used to playing bass, it can cause blisters very quickly. After practice, before the service, I looked down and noticed a big blister, full of… I don’t know, some kind of liquid. (This isn’t the gross part.)

During the service, I played the bass for my one song, and then I looked back down again, to see the shape of my blister. It had now formed a layer of chewed up skin, on top of the bubble. (This still isn’t the gross part.)

Sunday evening, I decided to get rid of this thing. I got a pin, and prepared to pop the blister. (This still isn’t the gross part.) I did so, and the fluid started coming out. Then I squeezed it, to make sure that I got it all. But, to my surprise, instead of just dribbling out, it squirted out, in a little stream. Right into my surprised mouth. (This is the gross part.)

Never have I turned on a tap and rinsed out my mouth so fast as I did when this… material was in and around my mouth. I don’t even know what it tasted like, because I moved so fast.

In future, if I get another blister on one of my fingers, I think I’ll wear protective headgear, when popping it.


Anonymous said...

It is called serum. It is harmless.