Friday, October 26, 2007

Finally, some spare time! So… now what?

After a pretty hectic couple of weeks, I suddenly have a day which is not too busy. I only have one meeting in my calendar, and I’m finished with the development that I wrote about in a previous post. So I have a bit of time to catch up, and wind down.

But I have nothing to catch up on. There’s nothing work-related that I had to push off; I’m caught up on all of the blogs that I read regularly, so I don’t have anything to read from them; I’ve pretty much kept up to date on the news sites I follow, so there’s nothing to catch up there, either; I have nothing that I really feel I need to post to any of my myriad blogs (except the serna Bible Blog, which should be posted to daily). Just… nothing.

So I don’t know what I’m going to do with my “free” time. Maybe create the Youth Group blog I’d been mentioning; I’ve given it further thought, but I haven’t found a good template for it yet. (I sort of like the NewZen template, or, since it’s a Youth Group in Rexdale, maybe the Canada template—which, really, shows a picture of Toronto. I’m still loving the templates at FinalSense, but I’m also thinking that maybe I should get some templates somewhere else, since variety is the spice of life…)