Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Posting for the sake of posting

Yes, I know, I haven’t posted here in two weeks. What can I say? I’ve been busy. (I was reminded that I haven’t posted here when a friend of mine said that he’d visited my “old” blog, and I had to sheepishly explain to him that no, the blog is current, I’m just not consistent in posting to it.)

So here are a bunch of unrelated, random facts about the current state of my life:

If the colds I’ve been having lately really are psychosomatic, then my psychosis is pretty bad. (I love throwing in random medical jargon, apparently. Doctors reading this would probably either cringe, or roll their eyes…) I have a cold right now, and it feels like a real cold, not just a stress-driven cold.

Speaking of illness, a family member is in the hospital. And it’s the worst kind of visit to the hospital, in my mind: something is wrong, but the doctors don’t know what it is. They’re sending her to London for an MRI, but there are no ambulances available, so she has to get their herself. (Well, not by herself; her husband will drive her.)

I’ve been doing some development, lately, which is why I haven’t been blogging—my laptop just can’t run the development tools and anything else at the same time. (Even though I’ve got 2GB of RAM.) Which goes to show you how much memory the development environment sucks up. In any event, it’s fun to be developing again.

Um… what else?

Work has been crazy, lately. I can’t get anything done—not even my beloved development—because I keep getting pulled into impromptu meetings, and getting showered with issues that need addressing. (Maybe my cold really is psychosomatic!)

I gave some thought to creating a Youth Group blog, where I would write about my work as a Youth Group leader at my church. I haven’t yet got around to doing it, but, judging by past experience, I probably will…

And that’s about it. Out of the last two weeks, I’m sure I could think of other things to write about, but I have to head out soon, to pick up Andrea. (Once again, no time to post…)