Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Answered Prayer

I previously mentioned my family member who was in the hospital. It turns out that the person had a stroke. However, it turns out to have been the most minor stroke I’ve ever heard of; she has no lasting effects from it—no problems with speech, or visible drooping in her face, or anything else. I’ve never heard of anyone having a stroke which affected them so little. She had some pins and needles all down the left side of her body, but as soon as they started giving her blood thinners, the pins and needles started to go away, and she has no side effects left over.

Now, someone reading this may be thinking, “but I knew someone who had a stroke, and it affected them even less.” The fact that her stroke is the most minor one I’ve ever heard of isn’t the point; I’m not claiming that she’s setting some kind of a record or anything. My only point is that I’m thankful to God for answered prayer; we prayed that the stroke would be minor, that there wouldn’t be any lasting effects, and it was and there weren’t.

You may claim that it was coincidence, and that God didn’t do anything. (You may even claim that there is no God in the first place.) I don’t really have the tools to convince you otherwise, and, even if I did, I don’t have the mental faculties these days to carry on a complex argument. But I believe that there is a God, and I believe that He helped out my family member. And it’s one more thing for me to be thankful to Him for.


Anonymous said...

If it had turned out to be a major stroke, would you have said it was "all part of God's plan"?

Technically, wasn't you praying "all part of God's plan"?

David Hunter said...

Of course. If she’d had a major stroke, if she’d been left a vegetable, if she’d have died, any of those outcomes would have been part of God’s plan. Nothing can happen that would not be part of His plan. Which includes my praying; it was part of His plan—and will—for me to pray.