Monday, June 25, 2007


Actually, both of these things occurred as I was on my way to get lunch, so I guess they’re not totally random. If I wanted to pretend that I’d put any thought into this post, I’d claim that “things I saw on my way to lunch” was the theme. But I’d like to think that all of the people who come here are intelligent people, who wouldn’t fall for a trick like that.


On my way to lunch, today, I passed by the cubicle of a woman who was playing Solitaire on her laptop. I catch her every once in a while—probably about half the time I pass by, when she’s at her desk. Not that I’m judging, or making fun. I just find it kind of funny that I catch her at it so often. She probably doesn’t realize that people can see her screen so well, from the angle she’s on. (I guess the lesson is that people who play Solitaire at work should walk by their desks from different angles, to see how visible the screen is.)

And then, when I walked by the kitchen, I could smell someone else’s lunch. At the time, I was trying to decide what I wanted for lunch—I didn’t want to settle for a burger and fries—so it was a relief to think that I could get whatever the other person had. Until it turned out to be Swiss Chalet. (It was the unmistakable smell of Swiss Chalet fries, I’d been inhaling.) Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to go for Swiss Chalet, although smelling the other guy’s fries had kindled a burning desire to do so. I haven’t eaten there in a long time, even though it’s one of my favourite restaurants.

So I ended up getting a burger and fries.

Now, aren’t you glad you took the time to read this?


Anonymous said...

I thought you were off the S.C. after a bad experience with what appeared (at the time) to be food poisoning?

David Hunter said...

Not quite; I was forced to be off SC after my wife was poisoned. They've never poisoned me—I'm on fairly good terms with Swiss Chalet.

Anonymous said...

So... if your buddy tried to hurt your wife, you'd still stay friends with him because he wasn't trying to hurt you?

Your wife must be very tolerant. :)