Thursday, February 22, 2007


I have a morning routine, when I come into work:

  1. I log onto my email, and take care of anything important
  2. I log onto my personal email web client, and take care of any spam that’s built up in the last day
  3. I look for any news that looks interesting, on my homepage
  4. I fire up Firefox, and see if anything interesting has been posted on any of the blogs that I follow
Unfortunately, I realized yesterday that I’m not interested in most of the blogs I follow, anymore—I just read them out of habit. So I cleaned out my Live Bookmarks, and I now have a lot less to read every morning.

Oh, sure, I’ll miss them, for a while. But soon I’ll have a whole new set of boring blogs that I’m reading, that I’ll have to eventually clean out, so I’m not expecting to gain too much free time, by this.