Thursday, September 14, 2006

Nacho Dip

Near my parents’ place, there is a Sobeys that sells some kind of nacho chip dip. Once, when I was visiting and staying at their place for a few days, they bought some, and I absolutely loved it. Normally, however, when I go home, I’m only staying for a short while, so I haven’t had the opportunity to buy it again.

I’ve checked other Sobeys stores—there are a couple within driving distance of my place, and we’re sometimes forced to go when we need to get something after hours—and none of them carry it. And, since my parents live three hours away, it was never really feasible for me to buy it and bring it back with me; I doubt it would last a three hour car ride.

But I went home on the weekend, for my god-daughter’s baptism, and I had a brilliant idea: Why not buy one of those little mini coolers, and one of those blue freezer things, and bring it home in that? It’s pretty much exactly the right size, and should surely last three hours! I’m frigging brilliant.

Unfortunately, I knew what was coming next, and it did: after all that, the dip isn’t as good as I remember it. Maybe I got a bad batch or something, but it’s just not what I was hoping for, nor what I remembered it to be.

Oh well. At least some good came out of it: Andrea can use the mini cooler to bring her lunches to work.