Monday, September 11, 2006


I’m thinking of giving up coffee for a while, again. I did it once before—before I’d started my blog, so I never wrote about it—but that was just to see if I could. I’d been wondering if I was addicted, and figured that giving it up for a week would be a good test. (From what I concluded, no, I wasn’t addicted, because there were no ill side effects to giving it up. Except that I had to alter my schedule a bit.)

But this time, I’m feeling like I’ve been taking in too much caffeine lately, and not enough of… well, anything else. There have been way too many days lately that I started off with a medium double-double from Tim’s, then missed lunch, then felt like crap by the time I was ready to leave work, because I had nothing but coffee running through my veins.

Of course, it’ll be difficult. I wrote this at 9:20, 10 minutes before I had a meeting scheduled, and the obvious thing to do would have been to go downstairs for a coffee, that I could sip during my conference call. Damn you, ingrained routine!