Monday, April 10, 2006

What to say, what to say?

My blog has lain dormant for almost a week now, because I was too busy last week to post to it. If I have any faithful readers, it must be a bit jarring; I suddenly went from posting multiple entries in a day to a huge dry spell, with no warning.

Oh well.

A friend of mine managed to… ahem… “acquire” a copy of Office 2003, and I offered to send him a copy of the half-completed first draft of my Word book. Which was probably a dumb idea, because I haven’t even looked at it in months, and I don’t know what kind of shape it’s in. (I have a feeling it’s in rough shape; just taking a quick glance through it, before I sent it, I saw a whole lot of editorial comments for myself; “to do items”, if you will.) But I did it anyway, because I have no problem looking foolish—which is how I will undoubtedly look when he reads it, and sees what rough shape it’s in.

I’m going to a wedding next weekend, in Windsor, for someone I don’t know. Windsor is a four hour drive, from Toronto—depending on how fast you drive, of course, but I’m getting older and don’t drive 140 on the highways anymore—which means I’ll be spending eight hours in the car on Saturday. And then getting up in time for church on Sunday. Good thing it’s a long weekend; maybe I can sleep all day Friday, in preparation.

Oh, and also, we’ll be driving with another couple—who I also don’t know—which means that I’ll be spending that eight hours making awkward conversation. And being very nervous, because I don’t like having strangers in the car when I’m driving; I worry the whole time that they’re going to be internally critiquing me. Or externally screaming for their lives. Plus, I’m probably going to have to let Andrea pick the music for the whole trip, so that she can be responsible for that side of the entertainment, not me.

If I’m really lucky, maybe I can get Andrea to drive at least part of the way, and get some reading done. Or some writing, if I bring my laptop. Or some sleeping.

I haven’t had Tim’s coffee in a few days; I’m currently running at a 26% winning rate (out of 42 coffees that I’ve bought this year, while the contest has been running). And they’ve started to run out of roll up the rim cups in medium size, which means I’m either going to have to start drinking large, or give up on winning that plasma TV (that I have no room for anyway) or BBQ (that I have no room for anyway) or $1,000 (there’s always room for $1,000!).

I’ve been having an on-and-off discussion with Andrea as to how I should really be counting my winnings; since everything that’s mine is hers, and everything that’s hers is mine, then technically, I should also be counting her cups, and her winnings, in my little spreadsheet. (Which would be a good idea, since I think she’s been doing even better than me, percentage-wise.) However, it’s too late for that now, so I’m only including mine. However, I would like to point out that she’s right, and the winnings I’m tabulating are just as much her winnings as they are mine.

And that’s it. If I get bored this afternoon, maybe I’ll have time to clutter up the internet with more random ramblings. Otherwise, this post will have to tide you over until I post again.


David Hunter said...

By the way, I do notice that the chart indicates I've won coffee 17% of the time, and doughnuts 10% of the time—meaning that I'm actually at a 27% winning rate, not 26%.

Please be assured that this is due to the way Excel is rounding the numbers in the pie chart. I really am at 26%.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Ferna, I represnt the estate of Pearl B. Wait, and I'm here to put a halt to this unauthorized use of a parapharsed slogan concerning our client's product. Boys!

David Hunter said...

Here's some homework for all of the sernaferna readers: Look up Pearl B. Wait's name, and find out what he created!

Hint: There's always room for a fun contest on sernaferna's blog!

Disclaimer: You won't actually win anything, if you look up Mr. Wait's invention.