Thursday, April 13, 2006

Bond. James Bond.

So further to a previous post, I went out and got a better CD of James Bond music. (I hope that link works for everyone; I don’t like the complicated way Amazon builds their links.) It’s actually an updated version of the CD that James recommended—there are three extra songs on the end.

So, now that I’ve got this CD, I’ve realized what a waste of money the other one was. I have the original artists performing the original Bond songs—all of which are better than the remakes, as I mentioned—and I have three versions of the Bond theme: the original 1962 version, an updated version by Moby from Tomorrow Never Dies, and a version from the trailer for Goldeneye. The updated versions are great—what I had been hoping the previous CD would be like. Updated, modernized, but still retaining the feel of the old version.

Lesson learned: Actually, none. I’m sure I’ll still take chances, from time to time, with my music purchases. It often pays off.