Friday, April 28, 2006

Roll up the Rim almost done

Well, the Roll up the Rim contest isn’t officially over yet, but it’s basically over. Most stores are out of the Roll up the Rim cups in the medium and large sizes, and many are even out of the extra large cups. (When they ran out of the medium cups, I briefly switched to getting large coffee, but I couldn’t bring myself to switch to extra large, when they ran out of large cups.)

So that means that my current tally for winning cups is probably my final tally, as well. But, just to be safe, I won’t bother posting the spreadsheet and graph until the contest is officially over. As it stands, I ended up with 23% of my cups being winners. (7 coffees and 4 doughnuts out of a total of 47 coffees.)

I found out, after it was too late, that apparently the odds for the bigger prizes (the TVs, cars, and probably the $1,000) are greater if you buy the larger sizes of coffee. So maybe next year I’ll switch to extra large coffee every day, in an attempt to get myself a new TV. On the other hand, I just can’t drink that much coffee, so probably not.