Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Stabbed in the heart

No, not me. My heart is okay, for the time being.

I just finished talking to a friend on MSN Messenger. She was just dumped, and she's broken up because she thought he was "the one". (I don't know how broken up - I always seem to catch people on Messenger just as they're about to leave...)

The thing that really tears me is that this woman is perfect. She's smart, funny, compassionate, amazingly beautiful. (She's even been a sunshine girl - twice!) If she were Christian, she'd be the whole package. If I wasn't already in love and married and all that, I'm sure I probably would have fallen in love with her by now. (She would be out of my league, but that wouldn't stop me... hehe)

So... why does she keep ending up with guys who don't appreciate her? (And isn't that the age old question?) Why, when she's exactly what so many guys are looking for, aren't any good guys finding her?

This, my friends, is why psychologists and psychiatrists make so much frigging money. There are questions like this that people have been asking as long as men have been falling in love with women, and they've been driving us crazy.