Thursday, March 04, 2010

Joel’s Taking it Offline

I’m not sure if I should actually write this post. Everyone else who reads his blog is probably doing the same thing, and I’ll just be one voice amongst a million. But I’ve already started typing, I might as well finish…

Joel Spolsky has decided to stop blogging at Joel on Software. Which gives me mixed emotions.

On the one hand, it was a great blog, with many great, classic posts on software development. Many of those classic posts became part of the books, Joel on Software and More Joel on Software. I can’t remember how I first came across Joel’s blog, but as soon as I read it, I was hooked.

On the other hand, Joel hasn’t been writing that much on the blog lately anyway. By lately, I mean, oh… a year? Two years? More? The thing is, I started following him too late. However it was that I came across Joel’s blog, it was through some link to one of his classic posts, which I read, and thought, “Ah, now there’s an intelligent post on [whatever it was about].” Then I read his first book, and enjoyed it thoroughly all the way through. So I added his blog to Google Reader, and prepared myself for the brilliance that would inevitably follow. Only to find that he rarely posted, and when he did, it was either a post about Stack Overflow, or a link to his latest column on Inc. Magazine. It turns out that Joel seems to have done most of his great writing before I ever got on the bandwagon. (I did like the articles for Inc., don’t get me wrong.)

So I’m sorry to see him go, and I wish him luck, but at the same time, he’s got good reasons for stopping, and he hasn’t posted as much in recent times so I guess I’m not missing much anyway.

I just wish there was a slew of other bloggers out there for me to read, ready to take his place.