Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Another Wave Concept Video

The last video I posted illustrated how a bot might be put to good use in a wave, along with a clever way that wave technologies could be embedded within a larger business process.

Today I include a video from SAP with a prototype for a system called Gravity, which illustrates a clever way that an extension can be built for Wave for integrating Wave with other systems.

I can easily see Sparx Systems coming up with an extension for Enterprise Architect UML models (or similar extensions for Rational Rose or other UML tools), or extensions for embedding Microsoft Office documents/spreadsheets/presentations, or a million other ways of integrating software with Wave through extensions.

Or, to go back to the previous example, envisioned embedding a wave in their ticketing system, but they could also have gone the other way, and created an extension to embed a trouble ticket into the wave. When you load a wave, the extension could dip into the trouble ticketing system to load the information.