Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Tim Horton’s

I’ve changed locations at work recently. Luckily, the new office still has a Tim Horton’s in the lobby. (Actually, it has two—it’s not so much an “office” as it is a “campus”.)

Unfortunately, the people working at the new Tim’s are… somewhat forgetful. For example, following is a typical conversation:

  • Tim’s Lady
  • Can I help you please?
  • serna
  • Can I get a medium double-double?
  • Tim’s Lady moves to the cream and sugar station
  • Tim’s Lady
  • Was that one cream and one sugar?
  • serna
  • No, double-double.
Wow. In the space of 10 seconds—if that—she can forget the order. If I want something else—maybe a double-double and a frosted cinnamon roll—then forget it. I need to order one thing at a time.

This on its own wouldn’t be worth posting about. But there’s a twist.

I often get my lunch from this Tim’s, since I don’t have time to go out for a real lunch. I never get my bread toasted—but once, they messed up the order, and toasted the bread anyway. Okay, no big deal; I’m not fussy. But now, the one thing that they remember about me at this Tim’s is that I like my bread toasted when I get my lunch there. Every time I order a sandwich there, the woman making it is surprised that I’m not getting the bread toasted.

You know what? On second thought, even with this twist, it probably wasn’t worth posting.


Anonymous said...

My most frustrating:

"2 choclate chip muffins please"
"No, 2."

Followed closely by:

"Just a chocolate chip muffin please."
"Anything else?
*silence ensues, as my saying "just" should have concluded the entire order taking transaction.*