Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Capitalism: A Love Story

A new film from Michael Moore.


Ken Davis said...

From the clip it seems that the movie is ill named. It isn't about capitalism. It is about the willingness of the rich and powerful to abandon capitalism when they are the ones who are now in trouble, in the sense of Stephen Lewis's famous phrase: "corporate welfare bums".

And Moore standing there asking for his money back sounds eerily like those who are always complaining about their hard earned tax dollars being used to fund the indolent.

The world truly is upside down. Or is Moore trying to make just that point?

Just an observation. Correct me if I'm seeing things through my far too often skewed vision.

Thanks for the post.

David Hunter said...

I don’t know what Moore will say about capitalism in general; he may be making the same point you are, about people being willing to abandon capitalism when it’s not working in their favour. I doubt that Moore is pushing for a net-new basis for the American economy other than capitalism; he’s probably going to push for capitalism to work the way it’s “supposed” to work (and maybe that’s where the title comes from). In other words, I don’t think Moore will complain about his tax dollars being used to fund the indolent, but he will be complaining about his tax dollars being used to fund the exorbitant[ly wealty]. (I had to stretch to make that wordplay work.)

As for Moore’s antics—e.g. standing outside and asking for his money back—sometimes they’re poignant and intelligent, and sometimes they’re just infantile (in my opinion). His documentaries are usually good, though (Bowling for Columbine, Fahrenheit 9/11, and Sicko were all good), so I’m always willing to put up with these interludes, for the more insightful pieces that make up the bulk of the movies. (The antics are usually what make it into the promos, though; we live in a society of soundbites.)