Monday, March 03, 2008


This is another pot pourri post. Sorry for that, but I can’t focus my brain well enough to concentrate on putting together a coherent post.

We had a deployment Saturday night/Sunday morning. It failed. So we got a couple of hours of sleep, had a conference call to discuss it, and decided to try again Sunday night. Which we did. So right now, I’m very tired.

I went to the doctor today, to discuss my recent health issues. He no longer thinks the issue is with my prostate, so he’s taken me off of the pills. He’s given me a new set of pills, which are supposed to relax the bladder, and if that doesn’t work, then we’ll just give up. It’s not a huge issue anyway; if my bladder isn’t completely emptying, it’s not going to cause any great harm. (Except an increased risk of future bladder infections—which is what started this all in the first place.)

Incidentally, I know you’ve all missed reading about my bladder, for the last month or so. So now that I’ve written about it again, let me just say, from the bottom of my heart: You’re welcome.

I don’t think I’ve mentioned it before, but I love the new Amy Winehouse CD, Back to Black. (Well, it’s probably not considered “new” anymore, but I’ll keep calling it “new” until I have a newer one.) She’s a great singer, and the album was also put together very well. I spent a few minutes on YouTube today, watching some of the videos.

Speaking of time I spent today on excellent media, I also spent some time on the Jehovah Shalom website, listening to some of our music. (And it’s great, let me tell you.) I’m thinking—since Andrea and I maintain that site—that it might be a good idea to upload our MP3 files to the Internet Archive, and just linking to it from the JS website, instead of taking up our own web server storage space with the files.

This was prompted by the work I’m doing on my church’s website, since I’ll probably be putting our sermons online, too. (Not that I’ve started the web site, yet; I’ve just given my pastor some samples that he can look at, to provide feedback.) I think I’ll be using Wordpress for the site, but there’s one thing about Wordpress that really annoys me: It won’t let me use certain HTML elements. That means that I can’t do things like put a Google map on the site, or embed audio from the Internet Archive, etc.


Anonymous said...

I would like you to start using the term "post pourri". (trademark!)

Well, uh, I WAS going to give you premission to use it, making a joke out of it for the rest fo this comment, then I googled it and found it's actually a term people use, and I thought I was being all clever. I better make this comment anonymous. And, uh, if you still want permission from me, you have it. I guess.